$1.79 Million Custom Harley-Davidson Is World's Most Expensive Motorcycle

bucherer harley davidson blue edition 07

What happens when you have more money than sense and an eye for making outlandish looking motorcycles? You build this thing...

Swiss watch and jewellery company Bucherer calls it the Harley-Davidson Blue Edition.

It's a one-of-a-kind model made in partnership with Bündnerbike and incorporates outlandishly expensive embellishments from the esteemed watchmakers and jewellers, which helps mark its value at approximately $1.79 million USD.

bucherer harley davidson blue edition 05

The base model for the bike is Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S but it bares little resemblance now.

bucherer harley davidson blue edition 07 close

There's a long list of work done, but notable design elements include its rotating camshaft visible through a small window in the camshaft housing, along with the valve control and gold-plated throttle valves. 

The frame has been seamlessly welded and the rims custom fabricated, with heat-resistant LED lights fitted, and it’s also the world’s first motorcycle to have a motor that lights up from the inside.

bucherer harley davidson blue edition 03

In addition, a number of parts are also gold-plated to further exude its lavish flair - because with that kind of money, why not?

That crazy blue colour is also a special touch. To achieve the intense blue hue the bike had to be silver-plated first, before six colour coatings were then applied using a secret coating method.

bucherer harley davidson blue edition 06

The specialists of Bündnerbike took a year to design and produce this special Harley-Davidson Blue Edition, as a team of eight employees from both companies, along with more than 2,500 working hours were invested in this project.

Since it's all about the watches and jewellery, there's also the Dizzler rotating ring from the Bucherer Fine Jewelry collection, which is mounted on the hand grips, while another pair of Dizzler diamond rings can be found on the forks, followed by a larger version located in the left half of the tank.

bucherer harley davidson blue edition 01

If that isn't enough, there's also another piece of jewellery found in a retractable safe underneath a glass dome made from armoured glass, located on the body – a six-prong Heaven solitaire ring with a 5.40-carat diamond.

bucherer harley davidson blue edition 04

This is also a unique feature, as is the watch from Carl F. Bucherer at its side. This special custom-made watch, which is based on the Patravi TravelTec II model, is located in a second safe in the right half of the tank. The dial of that one is adorned by elements of a motorcycle engine.

For more details on this limited edition handcrafted Harley-Davidson head on over to Bucherer’s official website.