Ducati Desert Sled Off Road Review

We wanted to see just how capable the Desert Sled is off road, who better than Chris Northover to put it through it's paces in a wet slippery Wales.

If the Ducati Desert Sled were a man, he’d be that annoying mate. You know the one, muscly but not too bulky, easygoing smile and eyes that sparkle even when he’s hung over. Desert Sled is the kind of bloke that makes high street clothes look a million dollars. In short, annoyingly cool.

The longer legged brother to the standard Scrambler, Desert Sled looks rugged and ready in a way that no Honda ever could. Granted an early ‘80s Yamaha XT500 looks exactly the same, but you try getting one of them on finance from your local dealer.

It makes 75bhp, which is more than enough for the cut and thrust of everyday life. It has traction control but doesn’t need it, it has ABS and a USB charger under the seat for your phone. Cutting across town has never been so easy or looked so cool. The engine is covered in an enduro ready bash guard, as are the forks and the headlight. Bouncy suspension makes easy work of bumping up kerbs and over less cool people,

The Desert Sled is the kind of bike that forces you to choose what you want to wear before you ride. It demands that you look cool, it’s like a mobile guest list and bouncer. If you’re wearing the wrong shoes and a scruffy jacket, don’t expect the key to work.

We’re joking of course, anyone with £9750 gets VIP access to the bike and is in for a treat. It’s easy peasy to ride and will paint a smile on your face a mile wide.