899 Stolen in the UK….Recovered in Lithuania!!!

It is everyones worst nightmare, having your pride and joy stolen and never seeing it again.

Gangs operating around London have been really ramping up their activities, due the fact bikes are so easy to steal, yet so hard to track, especially the parts. Often these bikes are stripped within hours, with the parts going on a new chassis, or the whole bike being shipped to order to a different country entirely.

So imagine if, like one punter, you have your brand new Ducati 899 Panigale stolen on Monday night in London...surely you have about as much chance of seeing that bike again as Cal has of winning the title on his Ducati this year.

Luckily though, this guy had Bike Trac fitted...and they managed to find the bike, with the help of Interpol, over a 1,000 miles away in Lithuania!

Here is Bike Trac's Bill Taylor to explain:

"SOC quickly tracked the bike to a known location not far away in London, but due to this area being densely populated, local police could not offer us a search warrant even with our Radio Frequency technology showing a strong signal. From this point on we had to wait, but several hours later the Bike Trac unit showed the Ducati was on the move again and unfortunately crossed the English Channel before UK police could reach it.

"From then on, we used a mixture of GPS signal and triangulation of sim masts across Europe to keep track of its movements. The difficulty was that we had no knowledge of what vehicle the stolen Ducati was travelling in, but nevertheless we still managed to track the signal across six countries. By Poland we had a team waiting at a major border crossing, but the thieves chose an alternative route and so the chase continued."

With the bike now in Lithuania, the Bike Trac team in the UK stayed up through Tuesday night, keeping track of the bike as it continued its journey east, before the bike came to a prolonged stop in the town of Vilnius.

"By Wednesday morning we were able to establish a solid fixed signal" continued Taylor, "so we were confident that the Ducati had reached the thief's chosen final destination. With the help of Interpol, local Lithuanian authorities swooped in and within an hour we had confirmation of the bike's safe recovery."

With the bike safely in the hands of Lithuanian police, as well as some suspects arrested too, Bike Trac's longest ever live track came to a successful end.

Sue Hitchmough, General Manager for Bike Trac parent company Road Angel Group, commented, "To recover a stolen motorcycle over 1,000 miles away is no better example of the effectiveness of tracking technology. This is naturally a huge success for us, but it's also a great example to everyone that tracking really does work. I'd like to personally thank everyone involved in this recovery from our team at HQ to Interpol and to the Lithuanian authorities. It's very pleasing to know so many people want to stamp out bike theft."

It's a great story, but it does shows how organised and efficient these bike gangs are getting, and how easily it is for them to steal your pride and joy. Remember, no what security or alarms you have fitted, if they want it, they will get it. So make sure you park somewhere lit, lock it up, and if you want complete piece of mind get a tracking system!

If you would like to find out more about a tracking system like Bike Trac, which you can get fitted to your bike for less that £300, simply head to http://www.biketrac.co.uk!