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Knox loves feedback and knows that it's the only way to truly make a great product for you. After years of research and product testing, find out what customers have to say about their gear.

Adam G: I tried it this morning on a 250km ride. It was hot: 38 degrees C (100F) with 36% humidity giving a 'feels like' temp of 50 degrees C (122F). Plenty of ventilation and comfortable with sweat being drawn away not leaving body and jacket soggy. Would have liked a vent on the arms but that only became apparent after about 3 hours into the ride. Armour was held firmly in place and felt very comfortable.


Jimmy Fox: Low-sided on the Tail of the Dragon today (going too hard in the rain), and the reason I'm typing this right now instead of getting a cast on my wrist is because of your gauntlets. THANK YOU for making an amazing glove. Best part is they held up so great, so I don't even have to replace them!




Jordan Gilbert: I've used this Track Vest and back protector. Not only is it really comfortable but it works. I've had plenty of crashes over the last 3 years with the Team Haribo Starmix, some at over 90mph. It's protected me well thanks to Knox, great product well worth the money.



Fillias B.: I bought these at the 2016 London Bike Show from the very helpful Knox crew. The jeans are a grey/black and very comfortable on the bike. The removable knee and hip armour sits well and is obviously well made - I forgot they are there once moving and can now fit and remove them in a few seconds.

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