Tesla-founders backed Alta Motors reveal new electric bike


Most people have heard of Zero motorcycles, the electric bike manufacturers pushing the envelope for the electric motorcycle scene. But, there's a few other ebike contenders worth a look, and one of those is Alta Motors who have just unveiled a new version of its flagship Redshift MX bikes.


The new Redshift ST is a sort of street tracker, a push away from the prevous all-electric supermoto/motocross bikes that were the mainstays of the Redshift line.

Formerly known as BRD Motorcycles, Alta Motors is a small electric motorcycle startup based in Silicon Valley. They have raised over $17 million in funding so far, of which $4.5 million came from Tesla co-founders Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard in the Series A round.

Production of the first two versions of the Redshift began in August 2016. The Redshift SM, which is the street-legal version starts at $15,500, while the Redshift MX, which is the supermoto version starts at $15,000.

The street tracker version features a new lowered subframe and seat combined with flat track wheels. 

Specifications for the new bike are yet to be released but, bets are it will have similar features to the other Redshifts. Alta’s other street-legal Redshift, the SM, is only equipped with a 5.8 kWh battery pack which gives about 50 miles of range. Most of us can agree that they would need to up that siginificantly if it were to contend with engined bikes. 

Alta Motors will be showcasing the Resshift SM at the One Moto Show next week in Portland, Oregon.