Madness in Mojave Desert Motorcycle Mosh Pit

What do you do when normal sports just aren't cutting it for thrill factor any longer. You go to the Mojave Desert in the middle of the night and do this apparently:

 These aren't scenes out of a Mad Max film either. All this week, adrenaline junkies, racers and the like descended upon the rocky wasteland of Johnson Valley, California to take part in one of the craziest desert races around; King Of The Hammers 2017.

Lasers and fire pits galore, King of The Hammers is one of the wildest and most accessible off-road racing events. The event has grown from its Ultra4 series routes, which was basically a bunch of Jeeps with souped up engines, tires and beefy suspension.

It's now a weeklong celebration of desert racing, this year starting Feb. 3 and continuing through Feb. 11. The actual KOH race starts Feb. 10 and is broken into three races: Saturday's  “night race” you saw in the video.

After that there's a fast desert race on Sunday followed by an extremely technical off-road race. It's worth noting, participants have no pits stops, outside assistance or help whatsoever. 

Organisers of the event reported 23 Pro riders and 64 Amateurs and 4 Team (relay-style) entries made the starting line on Saturday. As you can see the mass start descended into an elbow-to-elbow clawing match up some seriously steep rocks.

Taylor Robert, a KTM factory-sponsored rider was the fastest rider, finishing the course in 29 minutes 23 seconds. His teammate Cody Webb was one second behind. The first Amateur place went to Evan Ask, with a reported time of 53 minutes.