Rough Crafts unveils two new inspiration kits for XSR700

The Yamaha XSR700 has proven a popular base for custom builders this past couple years. And now, renowned custom bike builders Rough Crafts, headed by Taiwanese builder Winston Yeh has shown off two new style kits for the popular cafe-racer inspired Yamaha XSR700.

The builds come as part of the Yamaha's Yard Built programme for 2017, but with a twist; Yard Built bikes from previous years have been completely one off custom builds. For this project however, Yeh wanted to create two different XSR700s that even the most wrench shy could get a handle on.

What he has come up with is two easy install kits that can radically transform the look of the XSR700, pushing it further into cafe-racer territory, or the opposite way, into a mean street tracker.

"This is our first 'double-style' custom build from one machine," commented Yamaha Motor Europe Marketing Coordinator, Cristian Barelli.

"The build really proves for me the versatility of the XSR700 as a base for customization. Whether you want to create a café racer, or a scrambler, this proves that you can do both, without losing the core soul and rideability of the original machine," says Winston.

"I love the tubular frame of the 700, and the power to weight ratio is perfect for a motorcycle." Winston explains how the newly designed shorter frame and detachable rear loop make the XSR "an amazing base to start with", that results in a bike where "You really don't need to cut the frame to make a proper custom shape."

"I found myself having a hard time deciding should I go with clip-ons and make it a cafe racer, or with flat bars and make it a tracker, that's where the idea came in: why not make the shaping as a body kit, and customers can use their own idea to mix and match suspension, wheels, brakes, handlebars, to build the bike they want?"

The marketing video for the two bikes was recently shot in London, you can check it out below:


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