Ducati SuperSport on Ducati TriOptions Finance

The new Ducati SuperSport and SuperSport S have been added to Ducati's TriOptions finance scheme.

With a minimum deposit of £1000 and a mileage limit of 5000 miles per year the standard SuperSport (£11,632) can be yours with 36 monthly repayments of £171.03 at 6.2% APR with an optional final repayment of £6,034.00. Put in another grand at £2002 and the monthly repayments drop to £140.54.

If you're after the higher spec SuperSport S (£12,932) that boasts Ohlins suspension, a quickshifter, autoblipper and seat cowl, then for the same £1000 deposit and 5000 mileage limit, you can get it for 36 monthly repayments of £186.51 and an optional final repayment of £6,987. Once again, throw in another grand to make the initial deposit £2001 and those monthly repayments drop to £156.04.

Our pilot Chris Pritchard tested the Supersport out in Seville. He reckons it's one of the best all-rounders of 2017. You can check out his ride report below: