Shark Explore-R Carbon Review

Out on the launches of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure and Ducati Multistrada, we had the chance to put some miles on the new dual sport Shark lid; the Explore-R Carbon. 

Shark’s answer to the do it all helmet, the Explore-R packs in features that set it apart from its rivals. With the option of four different setups, you’ll be pleased to hear all the pieces come as standard. 

The classic motocross, peak and goggles gives you that urban, off-road look. The quality of the fit and feel is superb and thanks to the rubber seal even with the goggles on it is surprisingly quiet. Premium Carl Zeiss lenses meant we never had to worry about fogging or scratches. 

Like so many Bike World launches, we did see our fair share of rain, and that’s when the Explore-R’s extra features shone. A quick and effortless click and the half strap goggles pop off, and the visor then slides and locks into place without any fuss. It transforms the helmet into a solid streetfighter, with added comfort and handling at speed. 

Inside you get that blue-black lining with bamboo fibres, along with stretch panels on the back for a nice fit in cold weather riding. It’s not revolutionary, but it all has the premium quality feel that you get with Shark. 

The most impressive features though are the subtlest. In a pouch, just beneath where the shell ends is a rain hood. it pulls down and clips to the back to give you a perfect seal between jacket and helmet. 

There’s also the visor crack system, which is positioned just under the visor mechanism, in the little recess. Flip it, and the visor cracks open just enough to let some air in and prevent any potential fogging. Combining the two was a real life saver on those wet launches. It’s little extra thoughts like this that really set the Explore-R apart. 

Our only criticisms are minor. When you have the visor and the peak together, you can only open it three quarters of the way. And for an otherwise easy shield change system, the screw release bolt for the peak could have done with the same design attention as the rest, since we almost lost the little bolt. 

The Explore-R isn’t just a copycat addition to the dual sport market. Shark have managed to put a clever twist on each of its features to give it that extra quality feel. With its versatility, quality and that super simple shield change mechanism, it’s a premium helmet, at a much less premium price point of £389.99