Speeding fines to increase to £2500 maximum penalty

As if you don't already keep your eyes peeled for speed cameras, there's now even more incentive thanks to a change in the law which could see motorists hit with a new £2500 penalty.

The updated law, which comes into effect as of April 24th, is the result of a consultation in 2016, which came to the conclusion that previous guidelines don't reflect the harm and damage speeding can cause. Of course, points on your license are still a thing. 

“The magistrates' courts deal with the vast majority of offenders in England and Wales, so it is essential that the guidelines they use are up to date and help ensure that sentences are applied consistently and effectively,” said district judge Richard Williams, a sentencing council member.


The new £2500 max penalty is a significant increase over the previous £1000.

According to the Sentencing Council, the change has been brought in to create a “clear increase in penalty as the seriousness of offending increases,” the Mirror reports.

There are three bands which determine how heavily a driver will be fined:

Band A a motorist will be charged half their weekly income.

Band B will be a full week’s earnings.

Band C is set for 150 per cent.

The government hope an increase in fines will combat the reduction in the number of dedicated road traffic police officers.

According to the RAC, excessively breaking the speed limit puts lives at risk and causes danger to every other road user.

“Hopefully, hitting these offenders harder in the pocket will make them think twice before doing it again in the future,” spokesman Pete Williams said.