Conservatives suggest 60mph motorway speed limit


In a bid to move away from pollution charging zones, Conservative officials have suggested that the speed limit on some sections of the UK’s motorway network could benefit from a reduction to 60mph.

According to The Telegraph, the suggested reduction in the motorway speed limit isn't a money making scheme targeting motorists, but rather a move to tackle air pollution.

The scheme would only affect certain high polluting stretches of motorway and comes from measures highlighted in the Government's air pollution strategy which could see all cars that do not comply with the latest Euro 6 emissions standard face charges.

Back in 2014 a similar proposal was put forward and shot down by the Government when transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin told the Highways Agency to find fresh ways to improve air quality rather than speed limit reductions.

Conservatives say they are opposed to Labour's plans to implement charging zones and instead want to move ahead with scrappage schemes and retrofitting for diesel cars, along with providing more incentives to turn drivers on to electric and hydrogen vehicles.

Official recommendations to reduce pollution also include "alternative" approaches such as improving the flow of traffic by removing speed humps and improving the "sequencing" of traffic lights.

However, it will be down to local councils to debate whether charging is likely to have the "greatest impact" in bringing down emissions to safe levels.

The Government has commissioned further research on cutting speed limits on the motorway and has asked Highways England to conduct more analysis on the proposals.