UK To Ban Sale Of Fossil Fuel Vehicles From 2040

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) have expressed their support for new UK legislation that will see fossil fuel-powered vehicles outlawed from 2040. 

The announcement comes after France made a similar commitment earlier this year. Although bikes have not been mentioned directly, the MCIA believe it will be a “tremendous stimulus” for bike manufacturers to put more investment behind electric.

The ban on sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040 is part of an effort to tackle air pollution according to several national newspapers.

The ban is also likely to include hybrid vehicles, which would further cement an end to the use of the internal combustion engine in automotive transport.

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association added: “I think there’s a great opportunity. “For all the congestion-busting abilities of motorcycles and the abilities to make electric bikes I think it’s a tremendous stimulus for the motorcycle industry. “It’s a tremendous commercial trigger to push on with electric motorcycles.”

Currently the biggest drawbacks to electric motorcycles are the cost and relatively small range offerred by today's battery packs, along with lengthy charge times. We tested the £16,000 Zero SR, which makes around 69hp, and found it's 200 mile quoted range with the extra battery pack was only possible with minimal input. 

The other point we find is that if electric is the way to go, we hope we get some more interesting machines like some of the concepts we've seen. If there's nothing interesting to listen to, we may as well have something interesting to look at. But maybe MCIA are right, maybe this kind of push is what is needed. What are you thoughts?