Top 1 Ack Attack Aim For 400mph+ Motorcycle Land Speed Record

The TOP 1 ACK ATTACK team is heading to Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, for the Top of the World Landspeed Trial on August 3-8, 2017. The world record holders aim to exceed speeds of 400mph and break their own motorcycle land speed record of 376.363mph. 

The Top 1 Ack Attack team set the motorcycle land speed record back in 2010 on their twin Suzuki engined Top 1. Veteran pilot Rocky Robinson hurtled down the Bonneville Salt Flats at 376.363 mph, and for seven years the record has held. But, these guys don't slack off just because they have the world record. The team have worked tirelessly over the past seven years to go faster. 

“I am so excited to be going to Bolivia,” says the world’s fastest motorcyclist. “To be honest, the last few years we ran at Bonneville were nothing but disappointment. We would go there and haven’t been able to push to the speed that we wanted to run and I haven’t felt safe or comfortable.”

The diminishing salt and wet conditions have prevented The TOP 1ACK ATTACK team from challenging their 376.363 mph LSR mark set in 2010. “Records are made to be broken — especially Land Speed Records,” claims Robinson.

To prepare for a feat like this, Rocky Robinson has been training at high altitude in the Colorado Rockies. “It has taken an incredible amount of team work, logistics and cooperation, but now we can break the record.” 

Salar de Uyuni stands at 12,000 feet (3,656 meters) above sea level elevation and because of this offers the least amount of aerodynamic drag the team has ever run in. “On paper we should be able to get this done, but it is such a hard thing to do.” 

“It is a huge task… there is so much money involved, so much logistics involved, so much team work and coordination from everyone to get this done,” says Robinson.

Robinson is a former speedway motorcycle racer and has set the LSR as the world’s fastest motorcyclist on three separate occasions. On September 3, 2006, Rocky rode the TOP 1 ACK ATTACK to a motorcycle land-speed record of 342.797 mph. In 2007 he tried to go faster, but crashed at speeds in excess of 320 mph, rolling sixteen times before skidding to a halt. 

Robinson returned to Bonneville in 2008 and piloted TOP 1 ACK ATTACK to a second world record of 350.884 mph. On September 25, 2010, for the third time in four years, Robinson set the LSR that has held off all challengers for the past seven years.

“In Bonneville you only have a limited amount of run-up, but at Salar de Uyuni we can run a 20mile course,” said builder/visionary Mike Akatiff. “So we can run 10 miles up to the timing lights, but you can only run the motor so hard, for so long. It is going to be very, very tough on the motor.”

The current TOP 1 ACK ATTACK is powered by two 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa engines. On top of that the team added a Garret turbocharger/intercooler that force-feeds 35 lbs. of boost into the system, which sends them hurtling across the salts with a cosy 900+ horsepower!

 “The Suzuki is a very rugged motor,” added Akatiff. “I am really impressed with the new Hayabusa engine. How hard can we run and for how long… that is all part of the equation determining how fast we can go and something we are going to have to find out.” 

“At the extreme conditions we are pushing our engines, having the right lubricant means everything,” says Robinson. “Engine failures, overheating, seizures… all those things happen from pushing to this type of extreme, but we’ve never experienced any of these issues. TOP 1 has been phenomenal. We’ve never had a lubrication breakdown issue to this point and I don’t expect to see that any time in the future.”

 If you want to follow the Top 1 Ack Attack journey, check out the video below: