Isle Of Man TT Video Game Puts YOU Behind The Handlebars

A new teaser for Maximum Games, TT Isle Of Man: Ride To The Edge video game puts you in a faithfully recreated simulation of one of the most prestigious motorcycle races in the world.

The game features an incredibly detailed rendering and near perfect replica of the famous Snaefell Mountain Course, along with many of the leading teams and riders with accurate representations of their team liveries and bike manufacturers.

The new trailer also features a poem dedicated to riders:  


She waits.
The Siren of the Irish Sea.
For the brave. For the fearless. For the bold. Seeking out their destiny.
In the heart of every rider. Her rhythm beats like a drum. The pulse of everything you trained for, of everything you have sacrificed and become.
In the heart of every fan. She draws you in, pounding at your soul, injecting life through your veins. A desire born to your blood. You have one focus, one passion, one goal.
And you are finally with her; the wait comes to an end. A legacy before you. And the air is electric, and the silence echoes with anticipation. You are not alone here. A band of brothers, of sisters, of warriors and friends.
Because this is living and this is life, she is everything you expected. And the call of the road is upon you. Desire in your spirit. Thunder and lightning between your bones and your soul.
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.
This is your moment.
This … is the Isle of Man TT.

TTIOM was set for release in late 2017, but after French developers Kylotonn - who have worked on games like WRC Rally Championship -  weren't happy enough with the simulation, they pushed it back for March 2018.

In a press release statement the team said:

"Yet, after much discussion, we believe that the current game is not in line with our expectations, primarily: the gameplay and motorbike physics. Given how important this is to the game, and your experience, we do not want to disappoint you on this."

Want to see what goes into producing a game like this? Check out the developer commentary here:

If you've always wanted to see just how it feels to hit 160 - 200 mph on one of the most dangerous race circuits in the world - without the risk of killing yourself - this is your chance! 

There's no word on VR compatibility yet, but unfortunately there isn't split screen, since rendering at those speeds puts too much stress on the system. Still, you could compare times and race online with your mates.