Harley-Davidson's 'Find Your Freedom' Internship Includes A Free Motorcycle

Harely intern

If you love motorcycles and are a bit of a dab hand with social media, then Harley-Davidson's newest internship could be a perfect fit.

This week, the company announced a new summer internship program that not only pays - unlike most internships - but also has you riding one of their bikes the entire time. And yes, you get to keep it at the end.

They're calling it the "Find Your Freedom" internship and it sounds like one of the better internships you could hope for. Better than getting coffee anyway. 

During the 12-week internship, full-time interns are expected to cruise around on their Harley and "chronicle your summer on social media" representing the company as a "brand enthusiast."

If you're worried about not having any experience with motorcycle, no worries — the internship includes a motorcycle-training course. Also, in case you missed it, you get to keep the bike at the end. 

The company says it will hire eight lucky interns to participate in the program, which is accepting applications now.

You and your friends have until May 11, 2018 to apply. The program is open to recent grads as well as current college juniors and seniors who want to pursue a career in marketing or social media.

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